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Thursday, December 27, 2012


This morning, one of our students from China stayed behind from the SeaWorld excursion. I heard her rustling around in the kitchen and I came out to find her helping herself to cheesecake. For breakfast.

The first thought that should have run through my head was, "Oh no. I stayed in bed and let Himself serve breakfast and evidently it wasn't enough. Bad hostess."

That should have been my first thought.

Instead, my first thought was a frequently used phrase around our home, coined from 2 year old Tyler:


Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to Do, What to Do . . .

I was trying to upload photos from our fabulous Thanksgiving, and I received this horrible message that  I have used up all my storage space and can't upload without an upgrade.

So, I'm contemplating the future of this blog and whether I want to bite the bullet and pay a small fee, or if I want to transfer some older posts to some kind of book and then delete them . . . I don't know!

I could just keep writing without (yawn) photos. :/

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Celebration

 On Friday, our church family had a celebration to honor our pastor, Ron H. No only was it his 60th birthday, but he was also celebrating his 20th year as pastor of our church!

It's a pulpit cake!

I asked Glenna to take photos, so there were lots and lots of photos of her friends. Natch. 

 Everyone brought dishes to share, and of course we let the Pastor and his family through the line first. We aren't completely uncivilized! (A little, but not completely!)

(I see Glenna got a sneaky shot in of a certain boy. No, not that one. The other one.)

We asked Pastor Ron to wear this hat and his granddaughter, Chloe, was asking if she could wear it.

 Himself was the MC of the evening and he rocked the mic! I accused him of being mean to people in his announcements but everyone else was laughing, so I have to remember to turn off my sensitivity filter at things like this and just enjoy. He really did a great job!

Guests were invited to come up and share a tidbit about Ron. This is one of our elders, Howard.

 Glenna moved over to the family table to get a better view, and she ended up with a couple of interesting shots:

Paul, whispering: "Glenna. Get my cake in the picture."

Kelly, also whispering: "Glenna, get my thumb and his cake in the picture."

Pastor and Mike I - a really, really nice guy!

This one was very generous, spreading her cuteness around.

These two! She's holding up a sign that reads, "He's nuts" and he's holding a sign that reads, "She's crazy" or something like that.

Sneaky shot #2

April M! She's grown up at our church and is almost ready to graduate from college.

Pastor's wife, Gina! My ASL teacher, co-AWANA teacher, and friend.

On of Pastor's sons-in-law, Ryan.

And of course, Himself had a turn! Pastor's cracking up here.

One of the boys in my Sunday school class. Great kid!

Sneaky shot #3

Casually taking photos of other friends, too, to throw off suspicion.

Every pastor needs the love and support of his family. We love our pastor's wife!

Himself presenting Gina with a gift of our appreciation.

Family shot! Kelly was chatting with Paul and couldn't find a way to leave without drawing more attention to herself, so she was stuck while Himself was addressing the family!

Gina's favorite color is red. Many of the ladies wore it in her honor.

This is one well-trained family! They know to just keep smiling and hopefully the toddler will eventually cooperate.

Here, I told Chloe to put her hand on her hip, because she had it in front of her face.

Now waving at me. What a beautiful family!

Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Pastor Ron! You are treasured and loved!

Grand Opening on Its Way!

When I went for my shift last week, there was a DJ and a dance party happening in the Utilidore! They are celebrating the opening of the New Fantasyland by giving treats and partying with the cast members. Here's what they gave me:

If this would have been dark chocolate, I would have shoved it into my mouth before I even got out of the parking lot. As it is, I gave it to the girls when I got home.

I believe the opening is the 18th, so it either JUST happened or is ABOUT to happen! There's been a soft opening already. All I know is, I can't use my main gate pass for Magic Kingdom until the end of February!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our New Dental Assistant

Yes, she was previously crawling around on the floor with those hands. So? Look how stinkin' cute she is!


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