Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sneaky, Sneaky

I have to go to New Mexico. My father is very ill.

Now that my heart knows it's going home, I have found myself sinking into the pit of discontent. It's so sneaky! I was on Pinterest, pinning photo after photo of New Mexico. I realized what I was doing and tried to find photos of Florida to love and pin, but today, I just can't.

Sorry Florida. You're just so hot and muggy right now.

And unpleasant.

But I DO love Disney, so here are the photos of that cute resort I visited during the celebration of Stacie's graduation! Disney's Animation Resort.

We stayed in the Cars section of the resort. (There's Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Little Mermaid.) Part of the resort (Little Mermaid) is older and has been refurbished. The rest is new - all is wonderful! My favorite thing about Disney is their minute attention to detail.

The dining area folds down into this Murphy bed, and there's Mater, snoozing.

The entire room looks like a fancy garage, because DUH! That's where Cars sleep!

Coffee table is map from the Cars movie, showing Route 66 and that dreaded new Hwy 40 that stole all the tourists.


Lion King section.

Iced lemonade with some kind of fruity-foamy stuff. Mickey-shaped, of course.

I had a Space shift last night, and it was good and bad. A guest became so angry when the ride broke down; I became his target. He actually borrowed my pen so he could write my name down on his hand to report me to a manager. I offered to call a manager for him, but nothing I did would soothe him. I tried to apologize, but he insisted I was only apologizing because I was afraid that he was calling my manager. I assured him he was welcome to speak to my manager but nothing I said mattered. (He eventually spoke with my manager and feathers were smoothed.)

Highlight: When sharing the incident in the break room later, a 19 year old said, "What? How could anyone be mad at YOU? You're the nicest person in the world!"

I hugged him.


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