Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hooray for McLaughlins!

Thanking God for the safe arrival of Caiden McLaughlin!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas readiness

Trying so hard to prepare for Christmas. I think there's a song by Frank Sinatra about Christmas that goes, "It's the most won-derful time of the year." I've re-written that song many times:

It's the most, stren-uous time of the year
The kids are all greedy
the charities needy
I've had it to HERE!!!!
It's the most, stren-uous time, of the year!

Except my kids aren't really greedy. For that, I am thankful. Ok. . .. maybe Ty's greedy, but he's so darn cute about it. (Yes Allie, if you read this; even when they're 17 you still think they're so darn cute.)

I have two "class" parties to get through tomorrow, then Wednesday we are meeting two students from Korea! I have emailed them, but I haven't heard from them. I'd like to call them, but I've heard they don't speak much English. I'll have to hope for the best.

So students are arriving, and the room they're staying in is a MESS. The bathroom they'll be using is A MESS. The kitchen, from today's class parties, is A MESS. The living room and dining room were carefully decorated by my daughters and look beautiful! I am grateful.

I have not finished Christmas shopping, and I still have things to mail. Ack.

(Did anyone else read Bloom County comics and remember Bill the Cat? He's the one to blame for the Acks.)

Friday, December 08, 2006


I know there's a million and one things I'm supposed to be doing to prepare for Ty's graduation, but WHAT ARE THEY??? Arrgh!

Yes, I've started getting his photos together.

Yes, I'm making sure he takes the correct classes.

Yes, I've kept track of everything.

What else? Announcements? Purchase a cap and gown? Plan a party? He turns 18 in April and it's hard to read what he'd like for his birthday. I don't know if he'd like a party or not. :-( He'd probably like to go play paintball.

I feel like I'm holding down 6 or 7 volleyballs under water, and one of them is about to get away from me (the detail I'll have forgotten, I'm sure). Time to Pray!

They've also moved VBS up to the first week in June so the high school can go on a mission trip to Mexico. This means I will be dealing with Ty's graduation, have one week to prepare, then have VBS. I hope it goes well.


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