Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photo Dump

These are photos from my phone; either I took them myself, or someone emailed them to me:

Ty and Brooklyn meeting my Aunt Sharry in Dallas. I have a photo of myself, three years younger than Ty here, in front of these same horses.

My Squash Blossom necklace

Still the Love of My Life

A dessert I want to eat every minute of every day

A very tired Elsie the cow at a work function

JV boys and the AWANA version of Top Shot

In-Ear monitors that have finally been installed- after 15 years of "we're getting these monitors . . . "

On her way to the groomer

One side of Glenna's cool Spring Formal hair

Trying to find jewelry for said formal without Kelly, but taking pictures and emailing them to her anyway.

The whole package

Browsing while waiting for Glenna to finish at the Spring Formal

At the Spring Formal

Gustavo, mascot of Unit R, on his way home after faithful dorm duty.

Two very excited girls on their way to Epcot!

With my cousin Richard at afore mentioned theme park

I don't even know why I love this so much. I  just do.

Poured rain at Epcot almost the entire time. Cousin Richard bought us this beautiful umbrella.

Richard's wife, Terri, waiting out the rain at a market in Africa (Epcot)

Obligatory Viking/Troll photo

Trying out different mouse hats

Maybe if you click on it, you can see the raccoon by the fence. These are the cats I'm stuck feeding.

Some assembly required . . . 

But I LOVE my new shelves! 

A visiting Weimy provides hours of entertainment!


Oh man, this hotel is a separate post. LOVE IT.

Dinner out with the girls, celebrating Stacie's graduation from UCF nursing program

Guys came along for the food part

My first experience with nose strips. MUST. BUY. MORE.

Same hotel.

My cuddle buddy.

A hilarious book!

That's me!
I had half a mind to resign this blog. I enjoy keeping my family posted on our Florida happenings and doing creative writing, but since working full time it is almost impossible for me to find the energy or time to write anything.

Then, last night, Glenna and I were trying to find out which year we got Missy. We had so much fun going through the blog and remembering what was happening in our lives! I realize that if for no one but my family, the blog serves a purpose. I will try to persevere.


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