Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Went to the "Shoot Straight" shooting gallery last night with friends to celebrate Stacie's birthday. What an interesting place! I wonder what would happen if PETA found out about it. Dead animals everywhere. Still, I thought it was kind of cool. . . never realized how large a giraffe was, or how fierce a javalina can look. I should have taken pictures but I wasn't sure if I were allowed.

Here's the group of us. Julie is expecting her 7th child this month! She looks incredible for a woman with so many children, ages 12 to (soon to be) newborn. Her second youngest is 2.

We ate at a restaurant at one of the Disney hotels. It was delicious! Fun group of gals. We always enjoy each other. Ty suggested we go paint balling for someone's birthday, but only a few of the gals liked that idea. I think Stacie, Kim, and Beth Anne would be game. :-)

Monday, November 27, 2006


This is a picture of (towards the back) Chad, Janeene, and Elijah Mankins, plus their partners, Kellie and Jason Knapp, and their children. They are all serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea among the Tobo. I have a link to the web blog kept by the Knapps to the right, titled, "Clay Pots." What's happening among the Tobo is so incredible! I highly recommend you read it.

The Madness Begins

Thanksgiving and the horrid "Black Friday," where everyone rushes to the mall and retail stores, is over. Now comes all the crazy Christmas shopping. Arrggh!

Last year, my Dad felt horrible because he was unable to buy gifts for everyone. There are signs promoting "Christmas Loans" so people can aquire debt at low interest rates for the holidays. When did celebrating the birth of our Savior become this, and what can I do to stop the madness?

For several years now, our family has hosted an international student or two (or four!) during Christmas. It's been fun to have them in our home and see what they think of Christmas in America. . . .we often wait to decorate our tree with them, buy them a small gift, but we especially tell them about the birth of the Savior being just a step to the Cross. We have never regretted doing this.

This year, however, we're not sure we'll be hosting a student. We've yet to be able to sit down as a family and discuss this! We're always so busy, and Tyler's schedule is crazy. In fact, there's usually only one night per week where we can have dinner together.

On another note: Here's a picture of the gang at paintball. They went for Danny Gines's bachelor party, or something like that.
:-D Looks crazy to me, and John had to ice his back for hours after he got home!

A few of my friends and I try to do something "Different" for our birthdays. Tyler has suggested we do paintball. I may have to take him up on that, though the thought scares me to death!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bourne Supremacy

Friday night John was at the men's retreat, the girls were staying the night with the Walters, and Ty was at work. I decided to put in a movie after chores.

Hmmm. . . Pride and Prejudice, or Bourne Supremacy? Since I had recently watched Bourne Identity, I chose the latter.

Big mistake.

I realized a schnauzer would be no protection against someone wanting to bust into the house to extract the secret information from me. Look how easily they got past security in the movie!

Only problem was, I really needed to take a shower.

I started the movie over from the beginning so there'd be some "noise." I locked the door in the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I did as much drying off and dressing as I could in the bathroom, then I covertly unlocked the door. With my hand on the doorhandle, I jerked the door open quickly and ran into my room, hoping to catch anyone "waiting to attack me" off guard. I think I may have even added a "HAAAH!!!" for good measure.

No one. Of course.

Tyler came home after 11:30 pm and I was sitting on the couch, grading papers, and letting the movie play itself out. Happy to see him home, I peacefully went to bed.

Next time, I'll choose Pride and Prejudice.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last night, John had to stay over in Sarasota for work. I climbed into the unmade bed and slept with the sheets gloriously tangled and out of order, finding the little niches of warmth where one end was still tucked in. I could pull the blanket over my shoulder and knew no one would roll over and pull it off again.

This morning, I of course woke with cold feet. It was fun while it lasted, but I felt a new determination to make the bed with fresh sheets and have everything nice and neat for him. How does he do that? How does he make me feel his presence when he's not even here? I made the bed not because he's a tyrant who refuses to sleep in wrinkled sheets, but because I know he appreciates "life's simple pleasures," like a freshly made bed, so much.

I played hooky from the Bible study last night and I accomplished so much! Laundry is practically caught up, kitchen and dining room are clean, bills are made out and paid. I'm ready to do school with Glenna, and later with Ty and Kelly. The band is coming over to practice today and I have plenty to do in my room while they occupy the living room. Oh! And I even cleaned out the corner behind the futon in our bedroom! I can step directly to my side of the closet now! Glory!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Once again

Here I am, the same place I was last year when I realized I had to step down from the music team.

Laundry is not getting done, meals are not prepared as they should, and one of my children is "flying under the radar" with school. Of course, I don't notice until I check everything for the monthly grades I have to turn in!

Unfortunately, the thing I realize I'll have to let go of is the Bible study at Bonnie Lisech's. I don't know if it's because it moved to Tuesday nights instead of Mondays, but it's so much harder to do this year! (Gee, the three English classes, plus co-op, plus US History, plus AWANA JV that I teach couldn't have anything to do with it!

I have been giving one of my daughters the least of my time, and it shows. The other daughter and I had precious evenings together after I left the music team, and now that's gone. I actually said to my husband Sunday night, "I'm sorry, but I simply cannot listen to you right now. I MUST get this done!" Ouch. I'm dreading the approaching Sunday School quarter where John and I teach together - I'm thankful it's the 3-k's and a small class.

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we might gain a heart of wisdom." I think that's in 2 Timothy somewhere.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

It lives!

The tree outside John's window, a Golden Rain Tree (thanks, Phyllis!), is spouting tiny branches near the top. The stump is still about 9 ft. tall, and at the very top of a 2" stub are sproutings.

John is threatening to cut them off. :-)

Yesterday we had beds moved around, so the house is chaotic. My friend Cindy found a beautiful headboard and footboard for Kelly, so Glenna gets her old bed to make into the bunk beds. Glenna has a place for her "stuff" AND a place to sleep now, Kelly's in a new bed, Ty's in a new bed. Life is good. I remain chained to the washer and dryer.

Once again I know I've bitten off more than I can chew. John and I will be teaching the next Sunday School quarter, and that's fast approaching (Dec - Feb). Mark Liebert asked me to take care of music this week since the men will be on retreat. I realized just now I haven't graded papers for the intermediate class yet. I'm so sleepy lately, I've been taking a nap daily! Not just a light cat-nap, either, but crashing pretty hard for an hour or so. Makes me wonder what's up, because other than that I feel fine.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Festival Pics

Here we are, doing what we love to do! Bass guitar belongs to Matt Snyder.

Festival Update

The Festival was so great! There seemed to be so many people we didn't know. About 10 people that we know of indicated a decision for Christ! An entire little family did! WOW!!!

I got to play bass guitar again (thanks Matt!), which was fun. Definite Zero rocked like they do. I had so many people come up and tell me how amazed they were with Tyler's playing. I know, because I'm amazed every week when he plays here at home. Sometimes I'll sit on his bed or the couch (wherever the drums happen to be) and just watch his feet while he plays. How wonderful to do something so complicated and make it look so fluid and effortless.

Even more fun was being on stage with Himself again. I guess I miss that part of not being on the music team anymore - participating in something with John. During the sets on Saturday I could turn around and look at him, and I know we were both thinking the same thing. "Isn't this so cool?" The music and songs in the second set were so wonderful, I couldn't help but worship God as we sang about Him.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Tomorrow's the Festival! I hope and pray there's a good turnout. There's so many great things going on this year!

You know, I don't even care if people come to this festival and then don't start coming to our church. I hope they come, hear the gospel, and are saved.

Definite Zero is playing (my favorite band). :-D I hope the teens have invited friends who aren't churched, so they can come and hear the gospel! How wonderful would that be?

Right now I just survived a 4.5 hour practice. I need sleep and a shower, and I think it will have to be in that order.


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