Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Kelly

The day Kelly got this haircut, her friend, Grace Ann, invited her to have a photo session. I love these photos!

I think the shorter hair makes her eyes much bigger. Her Aunt Julie named her "Kelly Belly Blue-Eyes" when she was an infant.

This one is my definite favorite:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Beautiful, Brown-Eyed Girl, we love you!!! Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Movie Tuesday without a Movie

Tuesdays, when Glenna's classes are finished, we've developed a tradition of Movie Tuesday. The stress of homework and classes is over and we have no place to be in the evenings. The local dollar theater lowers its prices further to 75 cents, so Glenna and I go to the movies. A couple of Tuesdays ago, however, there was nothing playing that was worth even the 75 cents, so we decided to go to a local, historical downtown area and browse antique shops.

I found that I was thinking of Dad the entire day. I saw these little metal cutouts and they brought such a smile to my face:
This guy's a Header. Dad was a Heeler. I didn't think it mattered too much.

I know he's a header because the steer can only turn toward the horseman. It's so fantastic to see a good Header and Heeler team quickly rope the steer and stretch it out between them - horns lowered and both back feet perfectly caught.

(sorry for the sideways photo)
Though I'm not one to buy frivolous things like this, I kept walking around the store with them in my hands, still smiling. I put them down at one point and was going to walk away, when suddenly I realized what day it was:

January 31st.

Dad's birthday.

I scooped them up and headed to the register. Now they're in Ty's old room, and Mom can enjoy them when she visits in July.

Missing him, but not with pain, knowing the peace he's enjoying. It's such a great feeling. I know Mom feels it, too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Not Just a Third World Problem

My friend, Christy, approached me at church one Sunday and asked if Glenna could volunteer at an upcoming event. I immediately said yes because A. it was Christy asking and B. Glenna needs volunteer hours. I was then introduced to something I thought only happened in the poorest of nations: Human Trafficking.

Please follow this link to read more about it. I was even more stunned to learn that our state is third in the nation in this crime.


I believe Georgia is first. When the Superbowl was held in Atlanta, human traffickers discovered how accessible the airport was. Christy was asking us to volunteer at the 4th annual event to raise awareness, held at the park downtown.

Not only did Glenna and I volunteer, but these two also came along:

One of my former English students and Christy's youngest brother, Daniel.

Our friend, April. She's taking ASL classes with Glenna and me.

It's so great to run into people we actually know at an event. Sometimes, I still feel like a newcomer in FL, even though we've been here 14 years (this March).

Glenna was able to collect some much-needed volunteer hours towards Bright Futures.

She found the perfect temporary tattoo to wear to the event. Don't ask me what makes it perfect, it. Just. Is.

Paul and Kelly passing out flyers.

There was a band, singers, and various acts between speeches.

On stage are two gals doing a dance-type thing.
It was like being at a gospel church . . . they were so full of energy and preaching it!

Though the topic is terrible, the event was successful and I hope raised the awareness it intended. Of course, there were moments of levity because God seems to have given me an extra portion of humor lenses to view my world. For instance, I was stalking this woman in the red blouse:

I kept trying to get a photo of her hair. I think that's how I want to wear my hair for The Wedding.

I know, I know . . . focus on the event!

I took this horrible photo to check my hair. Yes, I am that vain!
It's finally long enough to put in a little side braid. ;) I was dressed to get to work - sunscreen, hat, water bottle, and an apron to hold snacks, tissue, pens, mints, pain reliever, flyers, and hand sanitizer. Christy came up to me and said, "I love you so much for wearing that apron. You're the real deal!" =D

Nah. .. I'm just a mom who knows what it takes to last all day.

This is Christy. I'm wondering how she got away with not wearing the red shirt? Hmmm. . . . . Himself is after her turquoise ring. I am not discouraging this.

The man speaking here is an FBI Agent. Most of the crowd was sitting to the left in this photo and not shown.
He has seen firsthand and spoken personally to those affected by this horrible crime. This is real, and it's right here under our noses. Knowledge is power.

The man sitting in the front row is a homeless person. When we took a collection, he gave me his last dollar and emptied his coin purse into the bucket.

God bless him.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey Sweetheart

Happy anniversary. =)

(It was the most recent picture I could find. He's eating chocolate that was a gift from one of our Chinese students.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Runnin' Low

I was pretty much out of gas when I filled my tank.
$55.55. I couldn't have stopped it more perfectly if I tried!

Anyone else saying "ouch" about the cost of fuel?

Oh, and Happy Halmark Holiday, everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

These Two

God gave my girls something I never had . . . a sister!

We were leaving Target during Christmas break and I started laughing at the contrast:

One in jeans, boots, longer hair, and the other in shorts, flats, with a pixie cut. I loved the way they walked companionably, chatting about this and that. I love where their relationship is now and how they love and support each other!

"Mom, what are you doing?"
Just capturing the moment, Honey.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Before her Christmas break ended, Kelly asked if she and Paul could have a day at Epcot. Not one to waste a ticket, I decided that Glenna and I would also go to the park, but not hang out with Paul and Kelly. I'm so glad we went!

Aside from a couple of rides at the beginning and dinner that evening, we didn't see them at all.

Not many people know that the famous, silver ball that marks the beginning of Epcot actually has a ride in it. The first time I went on it, it tells you to look at a video monitor and smile. I did the biggest, cheesiest smile I possibly could. What I didn't know was, they use that photo to make a mini-movie about life in the future. They put your face on a cartoon figure that's featured throughout the movie.

We went on this with Paul and Kelly. I told them to make the biggest smiles they could and trust me. I could hear them laughing at the end of the ride as their movie was playing!

Glenna and I decided to go a different route.

You may have to click on this to get a better look at it:
It was hilarious! I had this worried expression and Glenna looked like an angry teen throughout the little movie.

We decided to take our time and wander to places that we don't usually visit (or run out of time to visit). We had such an incredible day together! Between her school, outside activities, and my work schedule, I was feeling a little disconnected from her. We needed this so much.

O Canada!

Glenna had always zoomed past the Canadian section, so we wandered over there for a while.
I had no idea it was so pretty! They really went all out on this one.

I took this photo to try and get some perspective on scale.

I love being with my daughter so much.
She reminds me that it's ok to just stop and be still. Here, we found a quiet spot to sit and watch ducks and chat. It was so lovely.

I made Glenna pose in the picture spots.

In Morocco, we took pictures of some henna tattoos.
Not that we want to have one permanently, but so the girls could draw pictures of them later. (This is foreshadowing of something I'm going to do in my house.)

I laughed so hard when I saw this. To Glenna's horror, I chased the guy down to take this photo:
Way to go, Dad! Necessity is the mother of invention, right? He was in a hurry and there's no way her little legs would have kept up with him.

Here's something we've never done. I had heard of this, but didn't even know where it was.
They have Coca-Cola from all over the world! So many different and interesting flavors.

The one from Italy is purposely bitter and meant to cleanse the palette. It was so disgusting! We sipped our favorites again to try to get the taste out of our mouths. Glenna and I love Israel the most!

Playing video games at Innovations is something we normally don't do. Frankly, I could only tolerate a few minutes of this. Video games? Not my favorite.

Glenna's not-so-secret crush . . .
. . . Buzz Lightyear. I mean, think about it. He saves the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg!

The lady in red . . .
. . . Camaro!

We started heading toward the World Showcase in order to make it to our meeting point with Kelly and Paul. Glenna and I heard music and ran over to enjoy this:

Two step forward to sing a duet.

Mariachis are so flirty. It cracks me up!

When Himself and I went last year for our anniversary, they saw our anniversary buttons and pulled us into their group to sing to us. I loved it! Another time, I watched this little Hispanic woman get up from her wheelchair to dance with her daughter. The Mariachis loved it and hollered and played their hearts out for her.

I had a great holiday discount, so we made reservations for dinner.
We had dinner at the Bier Garten! I wish I could take my Mom there - it's so delicious. Hmmmm. . . . maybe I WILL take my Mom there!

The first time I went there, I was stunned at how familiar the food was. I sometimes forget that my mother has German heritage - probably because I don't know much about it. The food, however, had all the dishes my mother used to make and then some. We ate and ate and didn't need to eat again for a few days! There was also the German Polka Band that was amazing!

This is our girl . . .

. . . finding out . . .

. . . that she made the Dean's List at school!

I had a well-meaning friend tell me, about 14 years ago, that I shouldn't home school. She said I would never have any time to myself and that would be "very, very bad." Well, she was right about not having much time to myself, but she was wrong about it being very, very bad.

Very, very wrong.

Glenna and I had such a beautiful day together! We stayed longer, but we opted out of the fireworks and headed home. Kelly and Paul stayed and loved the show (it's pretty spectacular). I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this on occasion! I hope I'm able to keep my seasonal status at the Park for a long time. =)


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