Monday, November 29, 2010

On and On It Goes

When the Deputy took our report from the robbery, he left a form for us to use when we discovered more things missing.

When. Not If.

Today, I'm extremely thankful for this blog.

I had carefully downloaded all of my photos from my laptop onto an external hard drive, then deleted them from my computer. The hard drive was an old one that a friend gave me and was held together by rubber bands.

The thieves took it.

They did not take the snappy, sleek external hard drive that Himself had in his desk drawer.

Most of the pictures that were on that external drive have been posted on this blog. Most, but not all.

I had downloaded a program that will help me turn this blog into books. I wanted to do that especially with the story about Himself's family, but I'm even more motivated now. I'm so glad I posted those blogs about my step-dad. I'm so glad I posted so many things.

Of course, now I have to re-download it. The only working computer we have is Himself's, and that's because it was with him in Miami.

Just when I thought I was getting over the anger!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

And Away We Go!

We pinkie swore.

Himself and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in February. Because I have such incredible discounts at the park (The Mouse is very generous at Christmas!), we will be staying in one of the resorts for three days and two nights. I can't wait, and I'm already drawing up an itinerary for our trip and putting aside all the extra dollars I can! ($275 massage for two? No. $18 for all day bike rentals? Yes.)

I've informed him that I want to do everything there is to do at Disney that's free or cheap, so he'd better start preparing for a lot of walking! I can't have him petering out and needing a mid-day nap; at least, not on the day I've scheduled for the parks. I mentioned a weight amount I'd like to lose and he mentioned a weight amount he'd like to lose, and we both discussed ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Then I held out my pinkie so we could swear on it.

And I held it out.

And I held it out.

And Kelly yelled from the back seat of the Escape "Don't withdraw your hand, Mom! Keep that pressure up!"

And I held it out.

Oh. It's so hard to die to self.

For him, this means goodbye Chik-Fil-A milkshakes! Goodbye nightly ice cream! Goodbye rich foods when eating out during travel!

For me, this means goodbye to flavored coffees and junk foods. It means getting off my behind and exercise.

My friend Lisa McP recently did a walk for breast cancer awareness. She walked 20 miles per day for three days. At the end her feet were ruined (horrible blisters, she needed to use crutches for a while!) but she ended up losing 10 pounds. Now, 10 pounds in three days is a bit drastic, but for me it's a worthy goal from now until February!

Finally,. . . finally. . . with a shout of anger. . . he grabbed my pinkie with his pinkie and sealed the deal. Today he had his coffee black, the way he used to drink it.

Neither of us have decent shoes to walk in. Just when I thought I'd have to finagle our budget around, I went to the mailbox and discovered a refund check from our deposit on Tyler's college housing!

Looks like God is in these plans, too!

"Come on everybody, here we gooooooo!"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Angry Post

Yesterday, our house was robbed.

Mom, we're all fine. We weren't home.

I came home from work and picked up the girls to go to lunch and Target. We were gone maybe 2 hours. When we returned and opened the door (it was locked), we noticed a huge brick paver on the floor and broken glass everywhere.

Like an idiot incident #1; I immediately looked up at the ceiling. "What? Where did THAT come from?" Within seconds, Kelly and I realized what had happened.

Like an idiot incident #2; we ran INTO the house to see what happened. (Folks, don't ever do this. Shut the door, call the police, and wait. What if they were still here?)

The jerks knew what they were doing. They had gloves on because the police couldn't get a single print. They stole 5 laptops (one was Tyler's old, broken one, and one was a laptop Himself was turning in from work), ipods, ipod touch, and some cash Glenna had on her dresser. They completely ransacked every room and drawer. They destroyed my grandmother's jewelry box by smashing it on the ground. They soon discovered that the only valuable jewelry I have is on my left hand ring finger! I don't think they took any of the cosmetic stuff. (Mom, at first I thought they took grandma's class ring. They didn't.) I think they were looking for cash. They took Ty's Playstation, and cut the surround sound speakers and took them (all except for one over the piano).

They were in the process of taking a television from Ty's room when something scared them off. We think it was my neighbor coming home that did it.

I am so, so angry.

Our youth pastor came and stayed with me until Himself came home (he was driving home from Miami). Then our pastor and his wife came and helped with cleanup, and pastor helped Himself board the window with plywood. We called the bank and put a hold on our account. We called our insurance company.

I'm still so, so angry.

I have left Glenna home alone while I went to work in the mornings. I will no longer do this, but I don't know WHAT I'm going to do yet. The poor dogs were traumatized. Missy was in her kennel directly under the window that was smashed. She eliminated in the kennel.

A couple of humorous-in-a-weird-way incidents:

Glenna's room was so messy that they didn't notice her ipod that had fallen on her floor among the clothes, books, etc. She was spared!

Our next door neighbor has a security camera pointing to our mutual driveways. We called to ask him about it and he said it was a fake and not hooked up to anything.

When I entered my room, I noticed some Christmas gifts scattered on the floor. My immediate reaction was, "Hide those! Don't let the girls see them!" It's the only part of the crime scene I touched before the police arrived.

Jack also eliminated by the door. Ty suggested he was setting a trap for the burglars and was hoping they'd slip and fall, knock unconscious, and be there for the police to grab.

Some things that kept me sane:

Kelly took my hand and reminded me, "It's just stuff, Mom. We're all fine." Pastor's wife also reminded me of this.

My neighbors stayed with me as well and offered to let us stay with them until Himself came home. Since I was busy with the police, this wasn't necessary. Still, so sweet.

Both Tyler and Himself kept calling me as they sped toward the house. Then they both realized they were driving like angry madmen and forced themselves to slow down! I can't tell you what a relief it was when they both arrived home safely.

Folks, locks don't matter. If people want in they'll get in. I've always known this, but yesterday was my dose of reality.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Me

I feel like I haven't blogged in a million years.

Life is CRAZY, guys.

I'm also trying to detox again from all the things that give me migraines. I just started yesterday by enduring day two of a migraine without taking any medication. Not fun.

I know the timing stinks because the holidays are coming up, and I've been warned by a co-worker that the office becomes flooded with junk. My friend, Nancy, and I decided that we'd hold each other accountable about eating the stuff.

It's going to be a long holiday season, but I look forward to shedding some pounds again!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


All in one place.

Thankfully, this is happening more frequently!

Friday, November 05, 2010


I am so enjoying this season God has given me with my son, before he's out on his own for good. I have even enjoyed preparing lunches for him each day.

As I shop for foods, I realize that he's not the cute little kid with the Spiderman Lunch Box anymore, and I have to be kind of careful with my choices. He does, after all, work with Diesel Technicians. Can you say "burly men"? Pudding cups and Fruit cups are probably out of the question.

My theory was proven when I made him two Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and stacked them in plastic containers so they wouldn't get smashed. One of his co-workers leaned over and remarked, "What you got there? A loaf of bread?" Since Ty never knows what he's getting until he opens his lunch box, he was thinking the exact same thing. He was very relieved to find there were actual sandwiches.

His lunch room is also divided by not classes, but by language. Those who speak Spanish naturally sit together. Everyone also has their "regular" seat, and there was only one seat left in the English section when Ty started working there.

One day, I packed him a lunch of leftovers. This is usually just fine since it would involve spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. This day, however, it was literal leftovers. I had some black beans. I had some shredded chicken. I had some shredded cheese. I had some tortillas. He opened his box and stood in line for the microwave (there are 3 of them) and his Spanish speaking friends took note of his food.

"Hey, what you got there? Maybe you should be sitting with us, eh?"

"Yeah!" said an English speaker. "And if you do, don't come back!"

What is positively, unequivocally, and undoubtedly forbidden, I'm sure, would be a cute note from his Mom telling him how wonderful he is.

I do, after all, want him to come home alive.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Song

There was a song we used to sing in Sunday School when I was a young girl.

I have never understood it.

I wish I had a little black box
To put my Jesus in
I'd take Him out and
[kiss kiss kiss]
Then put Him back again!

As I'm typing this, Glenna is correcting me. She says Jesus goes in the white box and the devil goes in the black box. She also says that the last words are "and put Him right back in."

I still don't understand it.

White box or black box, I don't want my Savior in a box.

Now Glenna's telling me that the devil gets spankings instead of kisses and tossed back in the box, while Jesus gets kisses and then He's shared with a friend.

Why didn't my lame-o Sunday School teacher tell me THAT? (Yes, I said lame-o, and he was kind of a creeper. No Mom, he never did anything creepy, he just put Jesus in a box.)


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