Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Night Bird

Yesterday began two weeks of the night shift. I finish my training this week and (hopefully) pass my assessment on Saturday. The following week I close for three nights straight.

We'll see how it goes!

I've noticed that when we're on stage, it's all D all the time. There's the happy D music, the D look, the D atmosphere surrounding us and the guests at every moment.

It's a different story when on the bus from the employee parking lot or when in the Utilidore. It's as if they realize we need to transition back into the real world. Sure, the advertisements on the bus are for all D shows or ABC shows (owned by D), but the music is a mad mixture of centuries of pop music and culture.

One day I could hear Huey Lewis ("Hip to be Square") followed by the Hot, Hot, Hot song (have no idea who sings it) and Gloria Estephan. What makes me laugh, however, are the original commercial songs (not commercials, just the songs) that are thrown in for some strange reason.

Who can finish these lyrics?

I drink Dr. Pepper and I'm proud . . .

What walks downstairs, alone or in pairs . . .

It's all so wonderfully random! We never know what we're going to hear. Every song is bright and peppy and chosen for its toe-tap-ability. They want us happy to go to work and happy to head home, evidently!

Today, we head off to Kelly's college to talk to the financial department. We'll probably need this peppy music on the way home after our hit of reality! Still, I'm so excited for my girl!

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agable said...

I am excited for your girl, too!


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