Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Was This Even Tuesday?

The weather has been so beautiful here. I called Glenna on the way home to work and told her to get ready, because there was no way we were going to stay indoors!

Because I get a great discount, we decided to go to Disney property and play some mini-golf. We had SO much fun! I wish the videos I took weren't so fussy or I'd add them here. Instead, I have tons of photos.

I love this one of Glenna!

The premise is that their work is finished, so Santa and his elves are on vacation. They have tons of sand, surf, and Airstream trailers all over the course.

This was one of the many "Gnome away from Gnome"'s

Each hole had a peppermint stick with instructions on how to make the shot.

Two of a part of six, this kind family let us play through.

An elf/gnome, swimming.

The stinker!

Doesn't this look like sand? It's carpet!

The Surfboard says "Jingle Swells"

Us. =)

This one turned out to be a great hole . . .

. . .

. . . for ME!
Hole in One!

This hole, however cute, was not my friend.
A six-putt.

We added up our scores and I discovered I was tied with the top score back at the caddy trailer. This kindly cast member wrote me out a certificate:

Yup. There's one for the portfolio. Shot a 42 on 18!

Glenna did NOT shoot a 42.
BUT, she seemed to have a really good time, and she definitely gets the good sport award!

That, and they gave her a candy cane.

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Jessica Leigh said...

May I just say that I love these pictures and these people? Okay, thanks. :)


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