Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I have continued drinking the green smoothies that I blogged about here. After a month of these, I have noticed that my energy level is pretty much . . . . steady.

I don't have spikes in energy or severe lows where I would come home and crash for two hours. If I do take a nap, it's for maybe 20 minutes, or sometimes I just resting and reading and then I'm ready to be up and going again.

If Glenna and I are out and about, I find that I'm not dragging at all. It's just a steady pace and a willingness to do the next thing.

I can live with that!

I did have a slight migraine on Sunday, but it was nowhere near as severe as they can be. It was more discomfort and gone by morning.

My head hurts in the same area all the time, though. I contribute this to my pillows and the way I sleep. When I spent the weekend with Kelly in Clearwater, the hotel had these feather pillows that were so fabulous. I didn't have the headache I usually do, and I was able to sleep comfortably with just one pillow. Hmmm. . . .

This last weekend I was working Space shifts and unable to drink as many smoothies. I also ate a burger at Pecos Bill's. I felt pretty yucky the next day and starting slamming the plants down again.

Lesson learned.


agable said...

I'm going to try those green smoothies you talk about! Not for migraines, but for my blood sugar issues.
Do you not eat chocolate anymore? I think you had said they triggered your migraines.

Mrs said...

Angela, sadly, no. As much as I would love chocolate, I'm staying away from it completely. And cheese! Mozzarella is the only "safe" cheese for me because it's not aged.


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