Thursday, September 27, 2012

Since I'm up anyway . . .

The AC is out and it's a long story on why I'm awake, but there we have it.

Here's some photos from the recent Women's Retreat at Daytona Beach.

 My view of the sunrise from my "balcony."

 Kelly and Kate trying to catch some nap time zzzzs.

 Allie was doing homework. 

Normally, I take several photos in a row and expressions change. Watch Allie at her best:

 Girl cracks me up. She's on to me.

Her sister, on the other hand, fell victim:

This is one of my favorite Kate expressions!
 Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

 Allie photo bombed!

I love these girls!

I also loved the retreat, and I'm so glad Kelly was with me. Her best friend Kate is now in Uganda and she'll be there the next three months. I'm thankful they had that time together!

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