Thursday, November 19, 2009


My head was relaxing in the shampoo bowl as Ruthie began to pull the foil strips off. I've been looking forward to this shampoo for so long! Suddenly, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I wait. If it's a text message, it will only vibrate twice. This, however, continues vibrating in an urgent manner. I dig under towel and cape and pocket to retrieve the phone and see that it's Kelly.

"I'd better take this, Ruthie." I knew that Kelly wouldn't interrupt my singular alone time for a trivial matter.


"Yes, Kelly!"



"Mom! I've just been accepted at CC College! They just called on the phone!"

"What????!!!!??" I sit bolt upright and leave Ruthie scrambling for towels. I ask her to repeat it, and the poor girl is understandably "freaking out" with the news. We both start screaming.

Then we tell Ruthie, and Ruthie starts screaming along with us!

Just like that, my life is changed. Again.

My daughter is going to college. Not just any college, but the college her heart has been set on since her Junior year of high school!

We can't stop smiling!


Jessica Leigh said...

Kelly's phone call made my day incredibly better!
I'm so excited for her!

Let's just take life one step at a time...

agable said...

Oh my goodness!!!
Big hugs to both of you!
So exciting!!!!

Allie said...

How exciting! Is CC College the one I think it is?


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