Monday, November 02, 2009


Today is the day Kelly's scheduled to register for her classes. We researched classes and professors and we're ready to go as soon as the clock says 4 pm! Even though she's considered a "returning student," she still had to wait. Trusting God for her classes.

Sending in applications for college and scholarships for NEXT year is a new territory for us. Prayerfully, she'll be attending a Christian college about 2 hours from here.

I don't know how we're going to pay for it at this point.

Everywhere else, it seems, people go into debt up to their eyeballs for college. At my church, it seems everyone is able to go debt-free. How do they do this? I know they earn state scholarships, but where are these magical grants everyone talks about?

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I thought I would want to stay home at for at least the first six months. When they put that newborn in my arms, however, I knew there was no way on earth I was leaving him. Himself and I made the decision to live without so many things so I could be home with the children. We drove clunker cars, didn't go out to movies, didn't take expensive vacations, wore our clothes until they fell off (or bought some on clearance or at the thrift store), and made myriad other sacrifices in order for me to stay home.

When we decided to home school, this decision was even more relevant. It was sacrificial, but we wanted to be the ones to train our children and give them a biblical world view. The reward has been that we really like our kids. Honestly, we'd rather hang out with our kids more than anyone! They're so fun and so easy to talk to. We laugh like crazy, but we can have deep, serious discussions as well.

Now is when the true financial implication of me staying home is most evident. We have no money for college! Himself and I never went to college, but we certainly hope our children will be able to go. Ty's doing well in Tennessee, but he'll now have student loans to pay once he graduates. Kelly will have to enter the work study program . . . I pray she'll be able to keep up with her school, her work, AND have time to enjoy the activities of her college family.

So much to pray for.

So little time.


Joanna's Journey said...

Just wanted to encourage you not to fret - God ALWYAS provides for those who are following Him. All of my siblings and I made it through college/bible school with little or no debt. I only had $1000 loan from all 4 years and right before I graduated, my car was totaled and the insurance settlement was $1000. No car, but also no college debt! God is amazing and creative, He provided for 6 of us kids when our mom was not only a single parent, but a missionary on support! He will take care of your kids too! No worries. =)

Mrs said...

Joanna, thank you. I needed that reminder!

No worries should be my song, no matter what.


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