Monday, November 29, 2010

On and On It Goes

When the Deputy took our report from the robbery, he left a form for us to use when we discovered more things missing.

When. Not If.

Today, I'm extremely thankful for this blog.

I had carefully downloaded all of my photos from my laptop onto an external hard drive, then deleted them from my computer. The hard drive was an old one that a friend gave me and was held together by rubber bands.

The thieves took it.

They did not take the snappy, sleek external hard drive that Himself had in his desk drawer.

Most of the pictures that were on that external drive have been posted on this blog. Most, but not all.

I had downloaded a program that will help me turn this blog into books. I wanted to do that especially with the story about Himself's family, but I'm even more motivated now. I'm so glad I posted those blogs about my step-dad. I'm so glad I posted so many things.

Of course, now I have to re-download it. The only working computer we have is Himself's, and that's because it was with him in Miami.

Just when I thought I was getting over the anger!


agable said...

You SHOULD be angry! I am angry too! What jerks.
I must say that I was amazed at how calm and put together you and your beautiful family were on Saturday. I am in awe of the W's once again. Love you guys!

Phyllis said...

I'm SO sorry! After I read your blog yesterday, I had a nightmare last night about being robbed. It woke me up, and I laid there, praying for you. I specifically prayed that you hadn't lost photos. :-(

Jessica Leigh said...

This would upset me the most.
May I be angry for you? :)


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