Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Angry Post

Yesterday, our house was robbed.

Mom, we're all fine. We weren't home.

I came home from work and picked up the girls to go to lunch and Target. We were gone maybe 2 hours. When we returned and opened the door (it was locked), we noticed a huge brick paver on the floor and broken glass everywhere.

Like an idiot incident #1; I immediately looked up at the ceiling. "What? Where did THAT come from?" Within seconds, Kelly and I realized what had happened.

Like an idiot incident #2; we ran INTO the house to see what happened. (Folks, don't ever do this. Shut the door, call the police, and wait. What if they were still here?)

The jerks knew what they were doing. They had gloves on because the police couldn't get a single print. They stole 5 laptops (one was Tyler's old, broken one, and one was a laptop Himself was turning in from work), ipods, ipod touch, and some cash Glenna had on her dresser. They completely ransacked every room and drawer. They destroyed my grandmother's jewelry box by smashing it on the ground. They soon discovered that the only valuable jewelry I have is on my left hand ring finger! I don't think they took any of the cosmetic stuff. (Mom, at first I thought they took grandma's class ring. They didn't.) I think they were looking for cash. They took Ty's Playstation, and cut the surround sound speakers and took them (all except for one over the piano).

They were in the process of taking a television from Ty's room when something scared them off. We think it was my neighbor coming home that did it.

I am so, so angry.

Our youth pastor came and stayed with me until Himself came home (he was driving home from Miami). Then our pastor and his wife came and helped with cleanup, and pastor helped Himself board the window with plywood. We called the bank and put a hold on our account. We called our insurance company.

I'm still so, so angry.

I have left Glenna home alone while I went to work in the mornings. I will no longer do this, but I don't know WHAT I'm going to do yet. The poor dogs were traumatized. Missy was in her kennel directly under the window that was smashed. She eliminated in the kennel.

A couple of humorous-in-a-weird-way incidents:

Glenna's room was so messy that they didn't notice her ipod that had fallen on her floor among the clothes, books, etc. She was spared!

Our next door neighbor has a security camera pointing to our mutual driveways. We called to ask him about it and he said it was a fake and not hooked up to anything.

When I entered my room, I noticed some Christmas gifts scattered on the floor. My immediate reaction was, "Hide those! Don't let the girls see them!" It's the only part of the crime scene I touched before the police arrived.

Jack also eliminated by the door. Ty suggested he was setting a trap for the burglars and was hoping they'd slip and fall, knock unconscious, and be there for the police to grab.

Some things that kept me sane:

Kelly took my hand and reminded me, "It's just stuff, Mom. We're all fine." Pastor's wife also reminded me of this.

My neighbors stayed with me as well and offered to let us stay with them until Himself came home. Since I was busy with the police, this wasn't necessary. Still, so sweet.

Both Tyler and Himself kept calling me as they sped toward the house. Then they both realized they were driving like angry madmen and forced themselves to slow down! I can't tell you what a relief it was when they both arrived home safely.

Folks, locks don't matter. If people want in they'll get in. I've always known this, but yesterday was my dose of reality.


chocolatechic said...

I always read your blog, but don't really comment.

I am so very sorry that this happened.

Prayers for your mental outlook, and for your wee beasties...poor things.

Hugs for you and yours.

agable said...

This makes me so angry! So thankful you are all okay though.

Anonymous said...

People are so evil. That's why we need the Lord.

Yes, it's just "stuff", but it's also your sense of safety that was robbed.

Praise the Lord that in the midst of all this, He provided you with good friends to help. We are never alone in the body of Christ.

We are praying for you, friend. Love you!


Tyler Burgett said...

So sorry to hear that! Sounds so rough.

I'm praying that God will replace all that was taken and that all will be easily repaired. And praising God for His protection over you all. God is so good.

Raquel said...

I was so angry when I heard about this! But I am so thankful that you were not home, especially since Glenna told me that that is the time of day that she is usually home alone! Love you and praying for you guys.

See you tomorrow! :)

Mrs said...

Tyler, you're SO right. God has not stopped being good because this happened. We praise Him for his protection.

Rachel, she won't be alone anymore, guaranteed.


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