Thursday, May 19, 2011


We, along with several other families, each have a 10x10 garden plot at our church. There's also a few plots planted for those in need.

It's been a wonderful experiment!

I think we were the first family to get plants in the ground. A dear friend (and wise farmer) warned us that we may have been planting too early as there was still a frost to come.

The frost did indeed come and I thought my tomato plants were a goner. Surprisingly, they survived their pitiful, wilted state and came back stronger than ever!

Right now, until I can get Glenna and Kelly out there to plant more seeds, the tomatoes are the only thing left in our plot that yielded broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. The problem was the bugs were eating the tomatoes before we could! Since we only went out there once per week, I'd see one starting to ripen and think I would pick it the next week, but it'd be half eaten when I saw it again.

The solution was to pick then when they were still slightly green and let them ripen on our window sill.

Now I think of my Mom every time I walk into the kitchen. She always planted tomatoes, and there were always tomatoes ripening on the back of the sink.


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agable said...

Oh, how I love tomatoes! I ate them every day while pregnant! Yum!


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