Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Quiet Evening

Ty had us over for dinner last night.

We brought the dinner. =D

Unfortunately, his Brown-Eyed Girl was neck deep in piano performances this week and she was unable to join us. (Miss you!)

It was a nice, relaxing evening in a nice, uncluttered apartment. My Mama-Heart loved listening to brother and sister banter back and forth, or discuss physics and Newton's 3rd Law.

What I wish I had photographed, however, were the patches on Ty's counter (that he says he probably won't put on his uniforms any time soon), or the name plate for his tool box, or the certificate that came with both of those items. What's important are the two words on all three:


I wonder if he's the youngest at his shop to ever get Master status for Mack? We joked that he should sew the patches on his T-shirts instead, or use them for coasters to impress guests.

He's almost finished getting his degree, and his ASE and Volvo Master certifications are right around the corner.




Jessica Leigh said...

Missed you guys, too!

Loving the coaster idea! =P

agable said...

This makes my heart happy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You have reason to be proud :-).



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