Saturday, November 19, 2011

Practically Cute

Due to lack of counter space and questions on whether they do more harm than good, we decided to try and live without our microwave. I hauled it off to the school room and after a week of not missing it, I gave it to one of my JV'ers who was having a fundraising yard sale.

When we chose to eat more veggies, we discovered that we really weren't using the microwave, anyway. I also have a toaster oven, so it wasn't hard to choose which should stay and which should go.

Still, if we needed to heat up some leftovers, what to do? Before microwaves, you heated it on the stove or in the oven and waited patiently. Seriously, I feel that instant food and instant gratification have contributed to the epidemic of obesity in our country. How many times have we not wanted to make a salad because, sigh, we have to wash the lettuce first and then figure out what to add? Awww. . . skip it.

So, in case we did want to reheat leftovers, I decided that rather than heat up the oven we would just use the toaster oven. I found these cute little casserole dishes (orange in the above photo gives an idea of how small they are) and we'll cover them with foil while reheating.

The bonus, of course, are the polka dots.

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