Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday News

About to head home from TN. We have loved our time here so much! How refreshing, and now ready to head home and tackle the world.

Did you guys know I have ten million dollars waiting for me in a bank in Nigeria? It's true! I received an email just this morning, and all they need is all my personal information to verify who I am. Take a look:

NEW YORK, NY 10017


We just received an information of approval from the Foreign Operation
Department of our correspondent Bank Central Bank Nigeria as instructed by
the Governor of the Central Bank. On how to credit your account through their
external reserve account with the JP Morgan chase bank new york.

Due to the high level of corruption in Nigeria, your fund has been deposited
in our bank. from now on do not respond to any email coming from the central
bank of Nigeria or other agent. if you have been contacted by anybody using
the name of central bank of Nigeria or other agent kindly forward the email
immediately to our bank for investigation by the cyber crime division,
because a lot of impostor has been using the name of central bank of Nigeria
and other agent to scam people. To avoid falling into the wrong hand please
direct all your inquiry through this office JP MORGAN CHASE BANK NEW YORK.

If you are receiving this notification for the first time, Note that the money
about to be transferred to you is Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars ($US10,700,000.00) which is on your name, can only be paid
upon our receipt of your beneficiary identification for clearance of the fund.
Send it immediately to us for instant accreditation of your fund as listed below.

1) Your full name.......................................
2) Phone, fax and mobile................................
3) Present country and current Home Address.............
4) Profession, age and marital status...................
5) Copy of your any valid ID card.......................

We expect your urgent response to this email to enable us disburse this
Payment effectively....

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
JP Morgan Chase Bank.

I'm so glad they even warned me of other impostors who might want to rip me off. I think the first thing I'm going to do with the Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars is buy them some English and grammar lessons. I think it would be helpful if I went through this with my red pen and sent it back to them.

My urgent response was to report it as a phishing scam, of course. ;-)

Time to get moving! I think BA made pancakes! See you all back in FL soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oops...sorry there weren't any pancakes. I failed. lol We loved having you here!!!



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