Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It Fits!

There are no real stores in Mom's little town, except for the Walmarts and a Bealls, so first thing we did was go shopping at the outlet stores. Mom arrived prepared to drop some coin and come away with a new wardrobe.

We had so much fun! I mean, who wouldn't have fun, spending someone else's money? I got to play the role of Mom's personal assistant, pulling clothes off the rack and putting outfits together. I knew my Mom had dropped a lot of weight, but when I pulled off a certain size of pants she told me there was no way they were going to fit as she hasn't been that size since Jr. High school.

She's stunned!

She can't believe they actually fit and look GREAT!

She then found ways to tell anyone within earshot what size she was wearing!

I love you, Mama! Yesterday was so much fun!

Today, we will be going back and forth to the airport, picking up more family memebers. Can't wait to have a full house!

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