Monday, July 09, 2012


I'll probably be sleeping when my Mom arrives tonight. I can't believe this week is finally HERE! I will work through Wednesday, then it's family, family, and more family. Love it.

Me: We'll just get some fresh, healthful food for everyone to munch on.

Himself: Oooh, yeah, like fruit and cheese and salami . . .

Me: Salami is NOT healthful food!

Himself: What do you mean?!? It's Salami!

Me: [reading off ingredients in salami from the internet] It's processed food!

Kelly: Salami? Rolled up with cream cheese? Yum!

Me: Don't you start. [Pointing to the list] Honey, what do you think of these items?

Himself: I'm still reeling from the fact that salami isn't healthy food. . . .


Joanna K. Harris said...

Hysterical! =) I know exactly what you mean. I have similar conversations all the time. Maybe we need charts & drawings, or even a power point slideshow, to illustrate "God-made" food and "man-made" food. Think that would help?

Mrs said...

Joanna, it couldn't hurt! =D


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