Monday, January 28, 2013

Hi Jess

I'm trying to remember to blog. I am. It's just that Himself likes to watch past episodes of West Wing on the Netflix at night.

Here's a random photo:

It's Glenna in Tennessee, about to play in the snow. What a fair weather kid! (Though she did love it.)

I saw Ty briefly yesterday after church. Too bad I had to leave for AWANA, but AWANA's not forever. Here's another random photo:

We had a spontaneous picnic while Kelly was here, since it was such a pretty day.

None of this is making sense because now Himself is trying to talk to me. We'll say I posted at least ONCE while you were in Laos. Here's a final photo:

There. A food we both have to avoid for separate reasons. It's at Costco. I saw it right down the aisle where the VitaMix man was demonstrating the new super duper VitaMix.

Good night.

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Jessica Leigh said...

It was enough to make me smile! :)
Miss you all!


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