Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh Dear, and OH! How Dear!

I just found out that Google Reader will shut down in July. Now I have to find a new feed to read all my favorite blogs. Anyone have a suggestion?

This is the necklace my Dad sent me. I LOVE IT. I told him to count it as Christmas and birthday. =) The turquoise pendant appears to be older than the necklace part - he said the woman he bought it from made it herself.

This is why I am spoiled when it comes to my turquoise and I won't buy it anywhere but New Mexico. they make such beautiful pieces, and anywhere else is extremely overpriced.

 Saturday, I had an early morning, 8 hour shift. I love walking to the mountain when no one else is in the park.
 Glenna had to take the SAT test in the morning, and then she came with Himself to the park. We had an enjoyable afternoon and evening and the weather was just beautiful!

 I won. He was a little stunned, I think? Someone said it looks like I'm about to hit him and that's why I won, but actually I had grabbed him and kissed his cheek, but I had the camera in the wrong place. This was me letting go of him.

Ok, so the New Fantasyland has new eating areas. One, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get a seat there (though our Brown-Eyed Girl already did!) and the other is just plain fun.

Gaston's Tavern has BIG FOOD.

 Himself said, "Aren't there ENOUGH photos of me eating at Disney?" 

The three of us shared this cinnamon roll!

I LOVED this frozen drink, and it's going to be a big hit when the weather gets hotter. Frozen apple juice with a sort of toasted marshmallow added to it, then this whipped mango topping. You can get it in a souvenir mug since you're supposed to be in a tavern, "stomping around wearing boots like Gaston". ;)

 Ok, I spotted this woman in the crowd, and I immediately grabbed my phone and had to get a picture. Do you see her in the photo above?

You see, during my shift that morning, I looked up from the load consul and the most unusual (for Disney) party had arrived at the wheelchair gate. I glanced at my castmates in the load area and I must have had the same expression they did. We were wondering if it was a joke, because five nuns in full habit were standing there. Well, one was in a wheelchair.

They were grouped into my area behind this party of high school girls in matching high school band shirts. At first the young girls were shocked, then giggly. The sweetest thing happened next though - they eventually turned around and shyly hugged them, one by one. It was precious!

The sisters loaded into the rocket at my station and I DESPERATELY wanted to take their photo! Can you picture it? Five nuns sitting in a row on a rocket. Click on the photo below and you can see one of them more clearly:
All I could do was think of our beloved Aunt Mary Ann. I know she would have found the sight as funny as I did! (What about it, Auntie? Care to ride a rocket?) When I sent the rocket to restraint, they were all sitting there as straight as could be in their glasses and habits, with these HUGE smiles on their faces.  The last one in seat five jokingly put her hands in prayer position and pleaded, "Pray for us!" I actually looked for a hidden camera at that point!

Immediately, I did the only thing I COULD do. I picked up the phone and called down to Unload.

"You'll never believe what's coming your way in rocket 27."

"Is it the nuns? YES! I saw them come in and I was hoping I would see them again!"



agable said...

You guys are great :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Loved hearing you tell this story. Still makes me laugh.
Cute pictures of people I love. :-)

Phyllis said...

I saw something called Feedly recommended to replace Google reader, but I don't even know what it is yet.


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