Friday, March 29, 2013

Oops, and Awww!

Mom correctly informed me that my brother said goodbye on April 23, not March 23. Regardless, I sure was missing him that day!

Here's some photos I've been wanting to post:

Ty and Jessie have this incredibly cute and soft and wonderful dog! 

With huge feet.

The other week, I got to hang out with her after dropping Glenna off somewhere and while Jessie had a piano lesson.

Her expression always looks so startled in photos!

This photo shows her color more truly.

Just like a baby, she plays hard and crashes hard.

I'm sure she's grown tremendously since I took these. She's supposed to double her weight and size within 5 more weeks, which will put her at 40 pounds and a mile high! Jessie rightfully wanted a large dog for protection and as a running buddy. They've had sessions with trainers and she's of course the smartest doggie in the universe.

(This is bad. I realize that. I'm talking about a dog and not a grandchild!) I love so much when the three of them come over!

I have a Space shift today. I used to have to go on line and try to pick up shifts, but now they're actually scheduling me on Fridays from 4 to midnight. Since I work at the dentist office from 9 to 2pm, that makes an awfully long day! I tried and tried to give this shift away today, but no takers.

Off to the happiest (and most crowded at this time of year) place on earth!

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Jessica Leigh said...

Brooklyn made the blog! :)

I read your post about Uncle Boyd to Ty, and we both mourned and rejoiced alongside you.

Love you.


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