Thursday, April 25, 2013

She's Gone, and She's So Sassy!

Our office has been going through some changes, and the one with the most impact is that Nancy retired. She was able to say goodbye to many of the patients, but many more call the office to speak to her and are shocked to hear that she finally retired. 

"What? Oh NO! I didn't get to say goodbye!"

The general feeling from our patients, however, is that she deserves it. After over 40 years in the dental field, we couldn't agree more. Here are some photos from her retirement dinner:

Dr. D wore a jacket to dinner - right over his scrubs!
Every once in a while, we'll see her pop up on Skype messenger or she'll call the office to say hello. I emailed her the following question the other day:

Nancy, there's a memo that says this patient needs to schedule an appointment because they were ill, but there's no name attached to it. Do you remember who it was?

Her sassy response:

Neil Diamond!

Or, we'll talk on the phone and I'll ask, "Why does the inoffice change to the color purple instead of red when I check patients out?"

"I have no idea." (Ok, to be fair, on that one we're all stumped. Have to call the software company.)

As soon as my Kelly comes home, we're planning a trip to visit Nancy and see her new place. She's two blocks from the beach and has already met her upstairs neighbor and pronounced her "wonderful." I'm not a bit surprised, because Nancy truly likes and enjoys almost every person she meets! I used to test her memory by grabbing a random chart from the cabinet and I'd say, "Ok, tell me about this person."

"Oh, that couple! They are the nicest, sweetest people!" 

She would then tell me their back stories and how wonderful they are. =)

Denise has filled the position in our office, but as we tell our patients; no one can replace that kind of care. No one can replace a Nancy B.  We love you and miss you, Fancy Nancy Pants!

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