Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vacation, Day Two!

I'm still going through all the great photos that Glenna took of our Disney vacation. I feel like my work at Space all year culminated in this wonderful weekend with all my babies (and Paul). 

 As carefully as I could, I tried to plan enough details to give us a relaxing, fun, magical experience. Resort rooms, meal plans, itinerary, MNSSHP tickets - I believed I had thought of everything!

Somewhere on the bus to Animal Kingdom, however, probably right before this photo was taken, I realized one horrible fact:
 Disney had changed their main gate policy for cast members and guests, and I had left three main gate passes back in our room. I was absolutely horrified!

Himself and I quickly got off the bus two resorts down from our own. We ran to the shuttle and stood there a while, then realized the shuttle between resorts for breakfast stops running at 11:00. We flagged down the concierge who quickly ordered a van to come and pick us up.

And, here's what I love about the company I work for - they not only picked us up to take us back to the resort for something I had brainlessly forgotten, but our driver asked, and received permission, to wait for us and drive us straight to Animal Kingdom.


The group kept reassuring me that they were fine and waiting for us in the Rain Forrest Cafe at the gate of Animal Kingdom. Glenna recorded these for me. =)

We finally got in! Our goal was to enjoy a few rides, eat at the BBQ place here, and then head over to Hollywood Studios.

Kelly's Asian Tourist pose

I think Himself took these. Glenna trying to get her hair off her neck for a while . . .

. . . . and the requisite sibling photo bomb.

Is it just me, or do I look like my Aunt Sharry here?
Tyler and Jessie volunteered to sprint to the Safari and get us fast passes while the rest of us waited in line for Nemo. We waited by the entrance for them as long as we could, but they told us we had to go inside. Meanwhile, TWO of our tickets got stuck in the fast pass kiosk, delaying Ty and Jess just long enough to miss the show. The chain went up as they arrived and my heart sank as I watched them close the doors, because I knew they absolutely would not let them in.

Thankfully, they took advantage of the 45 minute show time and rode Expedition Everest!

Animal Kingdom really is a beautiful park, and it offers many opportunities for great photos. The bridge is a favorite spot, so I grabbed Himself for a photo.

These two decided they should have bridge photos, too. I wish I had recorded the dialog. Glenna just kept snapping pictures.
Let's get our bridge photo!

I'm going to keep the same expression. . . 

Wait. Where should we stand?

Right here? No! That's lame with the beam in the way!
Fine. Forget it then!


That's better!

After Ty and Jessie's heroic efforts to get fast passes, we discovered that the Safari was pretty backed up (even in the fast pass lane). We ended up skipping the ride, which added insult to injury. We went on It's A Bug's Life (Himself had never been!) and then headed back to the buses.

At Hollywood Studios, my friend Adam had set me up with many fast passes, so we were in no hurry.

Love the old Hollywood California feel of this place!

Glenna and Paul could have ridden Star Tours all day, and Kelly liked it, too. There's so many difference scenes that riders won't see the same one twice in a row. Our first time through, Glenna was chosen as the Rebel Spy they were searching for. We cracked up at that.

While Glenna, Paul, and Kelly rode Star Tours again, I chased after Himself, Ty, and Jessie to go on Tower of Terror, where my friend Adam was working. I thought it only courteous to try and find him to thank him for the fast passes.

The ride scares the bejeebers out of me.

We went right through the queue and onto the ride without my seeing him. As our "elevator" was going through the star corridor on the way to the drop, I may have said too loudly I can't believe I'm on this STUPID RIDE AGAIN which caused a chuckle to go through the group. I finally figured out that if I squeezed myself to my seat by holding on to the hand grips, it's about 21% tolerable. All that, and I didn't even see Adam!

We ended our evening with dinner at the Captain's Grill, which is in the Yacht Club resort. I was so thankful for Jessie, thinking ahead and calling around to get us in! I was distracted by Paul's magic band not working and trying to get it straightened out, so having her take care of that detail was such a blessing. The food was delicious and I would definitely eat there again.

Back to our rooms after midnight again, but I'd say any day with my babies (and Paul) was a successful day!

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