Thursday, October 31, 2013


One of THE best things about MNSSHP is the Boo To You parade. It's fabulous, and the highlight of our evening. 

Hard to see, but the Headless Horseman opens the parade with his ride through the parade route.

The characters are adorably dressed in costumes. Here, Mickey welcomes us all to the parade!

Christopher Robin out Trick or Treating with the gang. . . 

. . . then startled by Tigger!

Himself and our group got a wave from Captain Hook!

Captains Barbosa and Sparrow
 This part was especially cool. As Barbosa went past on the float, he spotted Himself and gave him a deliberate nod as one captain to another. He then gave Himself a prolonged, sideways glance, like he was sizing up his strength and planning to meet him in a sea battle. Hah!

From the Haunted Mansion, followed by Gravediggers. They would spin and create sparks on the ground with their shovels!

The parade ends on a sweet note and with more candy.

MNSSHP is sold out at 24,000 tickets. Considering that Magic Kingdom is at full capacity at 65 to 70 thousand (that's when they shut the gates), 24,000 was wonderful. We were able to walk straight on to any ride without wait.

I finally got our Dumbo to go upward.

A midnight meal at Starlight Cafe
There are treat stations throughout the park, so we all came away with a TON of candy (I'll be giving it away on tonight for Halloween if I can keep Glenna and Himself out of it long enough). I loved sharing this experience with all of my babies (and Paul) so much!

"Boo. To YOU. And YOU! (It's not so very scary. . . .) The song is still in my head. =)


Jessica Leigh said...

Take me back!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like great family fun! Miss you guys!



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