Thursday, April 17, 2014


Throwback Thursday. I think this is before she became Our Brown-Eyed Girl, and Glenna in braces. Blurry, but cute.

How are things going?

I can't complain.

Seriously - I can't complain. If I complained then everyone around me would freak out, and that doesn't benefit anyone. So, in the words of Louis L'Amour,  "Jus' keep shet about your likes and dislikes, boy."

Did you know a one bedroom or studio apartment in San Diego is $1200 per month? Who on earth can afford to live there?

Himself asked if I would walk away from this house if we could, without owing anything. I said yes. And then the roof leaked again and I laughed like Tom Hanks in the movie Money Pit when the tub crashes through to the ground floor. I knew we were stuck for good.

Here are some dates and numbers:

April 4th - the date of the last time I cooked a meal.

4:20 a.m. - the time I have to get up tomorrow for my Space shift at 6:45 to 15:15.

Wednesday, 6:45 pm - the last time I saw my Kelly. She looked great!

Last thing I ate - half a cupcake. With icing. And sprinkles.

3 - number of laundry loads I'm trying to finish tonight before bed.

6 - the number of cats outside that I forgot to buy food for today.


Jessica Leigh said...


Nice to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Hello! It's good to hear from you again :-).


Anonymous said...

Its good to hear from you again


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