Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Groups - Guys' Skills Night

Back in March (or was it February?) I hosted a Life Skills Night for the high school boys at our youth group. I thought about the skills that would be good for a guy to know and settled on clothing care. If they're paying good money for clothes (and let's face it; any money is good money) then taking care of said clothing is vital.

Do NOT put that clean shirt on the floor. Do NOT put that wrinkled shirt on!  Do NOT throw a shirt away because it's missing a button!

I decided to have an ironing contest, and then they would all learn how to thread a needle and sew a button. I'm not a seamstress by any means, but that is one skill that has been invaluable.

High school boys are so Hammy.

Ironing demonstration

Duncan is the first contestant

I found sewing kits for each of them at the dollar store, plus baskets for clothing care with lint rollers, etc

Isaac seemed to be the most familiar with ironing and sewing!

One of my favorite Jareds (the other is a relative) promptly buttoned his button onto his shirt

Andrew actually won the contest in the fastest time!

Caleb . . . let's just say his shirt had to be re-ironed. I think he put more wrinkles in than he took out.

One of my Favorite Jareds folding his sample cloth into a tie. So clever!

The boys were polite and courteous the entire time and really gave their best efforts. Great night!

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Jessica Leigh said...

Cute idea! I learned to iron at a young age, but I burned my arm badly once. Ever since then, I've preferred the "throw it in the dryer and hope it's not too wrinkled" method. Oh, and Ty's nice shirts have been to the dry cleaners - definitely good money! (Sheesh!)


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