Saturday, November 08, 2014

. . . but Oh, How Dark is that Darkness

I am trying to drink coffee without cream or sugar. A patient at our office and then my future son-in-love both assured me that it takes a few days, but then it will get better. Here's what my journal of this journey would look like so far:

Day One:

I am in the pit of despair. Paul double-promised me in a text that it would get better.

Day Two:

I am reminded of my first sip of this bitter brew that turned me away from coffee for the next 23 years. In fact, every negative memory of coffee is coming forward, such as:

My Dad telling me to hold his cup as we drove from one errand to another, and the scalding liquid sloshing onto my hands

The waitress at the King's Inn in Sun City, California - you KNEW that as soon as Dad finished his coffee, five excited kids would be on their way, AT LAST, to DISNEYLAND!!! You KNEW, and yet you REFILLED HIS CUP ANYWAY. I spit in your general direction.

The memories I'm trying to keep at bay are ones about how wonderful coffee is with stuff in it. The first time I discovered flavored creamers is a big one - just don't give me French Vanilla. That first pumpkin spice latte is another big one; can something so wonderful really be so wrong?

The bottom line is. . .my bottom. When I load the coffee with cream and sugar I load my waistline. Every time I've gone off coffee with stuff in it, I've lost weight and felt better.

Feeling better. Here's hoping.

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Jessica Leigh said...

You can do it! Every now and then I add a little cream on the weekends or special occasions. ;)


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