Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh No She Didn't!

This is JP (short for Jack Pot):

JP is the dog that did not get hit by the skunk spray when I foolishly flipped the black container.

This is Trevor and his owner, Jenny:

Trevor is the dog that did get hit by the skunk spray when I foolishly flipped the black container.

Here, Trevor is receiving the first of his four baths:

Bath 1 - tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce (don't laugh! It's all we had!).
Bath 2 - Feminine hygiene product.
Bath 3 - Vinegar
Bath 4 - Dawn dish washing liquid.

Any questions?


DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Poor puppy... poor people!!!

Here's the recipe I was telling you about... supposedly it breaks down the thiols (stinky stuff).

1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 c. baking soda
1 tsp. detergent (Dawn dish liq.)

Mix OUTSIDE, apply to dog, let sit 5 minutes... wash and rinse.

I can't remember where I got the recipe but I do remember it was from someone who studies skunks...and I wrote it down because you just never know when you might need it. :-)

Phyllis said...

I know where that recipe came from! Here's my question for you, have you watched The Skunk Documentary?

Mrs said...

No, I haven't watched that! Something tells me I should look for it, though!

BA said...

One question...did it work?

Raquel said...

OOOOHHH! I thought this happened when you were a girl! I didn't realize it happened on your trip! I was so confused when I saw you were posting about it and had pictures! =)

Mrs said...

We think the Dawn soap worked the best, probably because it has a grease cutter. Makes sense why it's used in combination in D's recipe.


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