Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday Night at AWANA

. . . we made sculptures from oreo cookies.


Do you have a better idea?


TyleresT said...

There are starving people in TN that would eat that perfectly good food! Food is not for playing with!

Glenna W. said...

Don't you worry Ty the starving JV Promptly stuffed our faces afterwords. =P

natalie said...

I am very sad that we never did that last year!

Raquel said...

whose head is behind the oreos in the last picture, suffering because they are right next to her but you made her wait for the picture to eat them? =D

I am too, Hank! we should do it next time I see you!

Mrs said...

That would be Bekah, and she's in agony because she was asked to be in the picture!


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