Saturday, October 31, 2009


Mom: All right, we're passing out candy tonight. Only give them ONE EACH. Last year we ran out, remember?

Kelly: Yeah, that was embarrassing.

Glenna: I'm not passing the candy out. Everyone asks me why I'm not out trick or treating.

Himself: Just tell them it's because it's a pagan holiday and you don't want to burn in hell. Oh, but tell them that it's all right for THEM.

Mom: No one is burning in hell! Now remember, ONE EACH.

Glenna: Daddy can pass them out!

Ding Dong!

Mom: Daddy, remember . . .

Himself: I've got it, I've got it.

Door opens revealing cute little kids in costumes

Himself: Wow! Look at YOU GUYS!

Cute Little Kids: Trick or Treat!

Himself: Here you go, honey. Here; have two . . .

W Girls all shake heads

Mom: Daddy, WHAT did I say?

Himself: Oh come on! Did you SEE them? The cute little wings and the Storm Trooper . . .

We are so going to run out of candy.


agable said...

This was a wonderful start to my morning. You guys are too much :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Okay. Last night I was halfway through commenting on this post about how we had so much extra candy when the doorbell rang.

We were bombarded with nearly 15 kids!

I came back in, announced that we were going to run out of candy and then deleted what I had written on here. :)

P.S. I gave extra to my little storm trooper and winged girl!

Glenna W. said...

Yes, while I read this you're sitting at the table eating from the half full bowl of candy. : )

BA said...

The funny thing is, is that I can actually hear this conversation, with all your tones and nuances, in my head! I miss you guys!


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