Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phuzzy Phone Photos

At The Park, there are several rides that take your picture - usually at the most crucial part of the ride. Rather than pay $14 per photo, many guests (and cast members) simply walk up to the screen and snap a photo of the photo with their phones or cameras.

The Park has gotten smarter. Now, the words, "Pick up your photo in the gift shop!" or something similar is displayed across the photo. The following photos were taken before this recent development. Click on the photos to see them up close.

In each of the photos, I'm noticing a recurring theme:

I. Am. Loving it!

Glenna had to talk me into riding Rockin' Roller Coaster. From the photo above, you could see that Glenna was screaming all the tension out that she had gathered while waiting in line. I'm just diggin' it!

Even the not-so-fast rides are fun with Himself along:

It's up to us to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg and save the batteries for the toys!

Silly man was ready for the camera that time.

Below, I went to Animal Kingdom and rode with some friends on the Dinosaur ride. I had been on it recently so I knew what to expect. Of course, I didn't tell Kim or her friend!

In this one, the girl with me in the front row asked, "Is this ride scary?"
"Oh yes!" I replied. "We're chased by a dinosaur that wants to eat us!"
"WHAT????" she freaked.


This is how I brace myself to ride Side B at Space. I absolutely hate Side B. It's so rough and bumpy! Side A is a smooth journey, comparatively. Remember Tony's hat? =)

Hey, look! It's our French Guy!

Evidently, I traumatized Glenna at the tender age of 9 and she hated Space Mountain, refusing to ride with her eyes open. As you can see below, she quickly got over it when her friends Grace and Bekah made her ride it 40 million times.

Believe it or not, the following photos were taken in the summer time. Remember, summer is our rainy season.
Good to have rain ponchos, especially for this ride! (Awww, a smooch.)

Glenna and I wanted to ride one more time before the park closed. We were literally the only ones on the ride!

Oh, Test Track; how I love Thee.
(Gotta have the hands up!) Glenna is sitting behind me.

That French Guy again. The rest of us are a mess of humidity and heat stroke and he still looks good.

Hands UP, I say!

I don't care if I'm riding with strangers. If I'm on a roller coaster, I'm having a ball! The guy behind me is missing out!
It was a first time for the guy next to me. He was a little nervous about the fact that the restraint came over our shoulders.

As he should be.

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