Monday, January 03, 2011

Monday Blues

I am sick. I cannot breathe.

I'm glad there was a flood of mail at the dentist office from our week off! I was able to isolate myself in the back office all morning.

Tyler came home from work today, also sick.

We've had so much company lately and I love it! I love, especially, that my house hasn't been perfect and it didn't matter one bit. I love when Kelly is home from college since the traffic in our home greatly increases. She's home for one more week!

Space Mountain was such a welcome break. I was re-certified and back on rotation While I was sad that so many people have returned to college, I forgot how much fun it was to make new friends! Everyone has an interesting background. By the time I return around June, there will be another rotation of college kids to get to know. Many of my favorite managers were still there, so that was good.

That's all for now. Hard to type and breathe at the same time.

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