Friday, January 21, 2011

She . . .

. . . Is always up for a rockin' good time.

. . . will still cuddle with her Mom.

. . . can finally do what she's watched her siblings do for years, like go to Winter Retreat.
(Bonus: Her brother played with the band that year, so she got to hang out with him. Double Bonus: he was on her team at game time.)

She . . . has grown up way too fast.

She also has a horrible cold right now and could use some healing prayers!


agable said...

Aw. Feel better, sweet girl!

Raquel said...

She's my bestie (: Feel better Goobie!

Jessica Leigh said...

Get well, Goobie! :)
(I am allowed to call you that, right? :)

The Goob said...

The name goobie is always welcome! =)

Thanks momma! I love you!


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