Wednesday, March 02, 2011

25th Anniversary, Part 1

For our 25th Anniversary, we stayed at Wilderness Lodge at Disney World. Because I'm a cast member, I was given this tremendous discount as a Christmas bonus.

Thank you, Uncle Walt!

I'll talk more about the accommodations that came with our reservation, but for now let me present:

The Room.

This was the first thing I noticed when we walked in:
A chocolate canoe!

A chocolate canoe with chocolates!
(Which explains why it was the first thing I noticed, like an alcoholic knowing where the bourbon is located.) We saved this for Ty and Glenna.

The second thing I noticed was this personal gateway to heaven:
A marble waterfall jacuzzi tub! Come to Mama . . . it makes sense that at a Wilderness Lodge they have the perfect place for tub-ernating.

The following is a series of blurry photos from my ipod touch. Apple is big on features, but low on megapixels. Still, I was only trying to capture memories, so it worked great!

Our view from the balcony:
It really did feel like we were gazing out on the Pacific Northwest.

The balcony itself?

The bed had this beautiful leather headboard:

Carved woodland creatures on each bedpost:

No room would be complete without this cute reminder:
I have become a diehard Disney fan. Love The Mouse!

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