Monday, March 07, 2011

Sounds of Slumber

With the iPod Touch, I am discovering the joys of downloading apps.

So far, all the apps, I've downloaded have to do with sleep.

I have night noises, forest noises, crashing waves, and raindrops. I have rain on canvas, a car roof, cement, and against a window. I have light rain, hard rain, and torrential rain.

The one that helps me sleep the most, however, is "gentle quiet crickets at night." It's amazing and so soothing, which is ironic, because crickets would make me crazy when we lived in California!

Our house would get crickets in the light fixtures and they would chirp merrily away, making me insane. They never bothered Himself because his hearing had too many years of shotgun blasts and rock and roll, so he couldn't hear them. I'd be sitting in the living room and I'd say, "Would you PLEASE get rid of that annoying cricket?"

"What cricket?"

"The one making the racket!"

"What racket?"

I'd guide him directly under the spot where I had heard the noise. He heard nothing. I'd ask him to pull the light out of the recessed canning and see what he could see.

Sure enough, as soon as he pulled the light down and swept his hand around it, a cricket would fall to the floor to its doom. He was always surprised that there was actually something there!

So, "Gentle Quiet Crickets at Night" is wonderful. They're not loudly chirping in my living room. Himself still can't hear them, so it doesn't disturb him in the least.



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jessie said...

You should download a metronome app!
That's what I have all my students doing these days. :) Amazing how times have changed...


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