Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Yet

My son is known as "the richest mechanic I've ever seen" at his job.

What has earned him this esteemed title?

When he first started working there, his supervisor came by and noticed the tools Ty had begun to accumulate. He remarked, "You've got a pretty good start, here! Once these are paid off, you can start buying some more!"

"They're all paid off. I paid cash for them."

"WHAT? You don't owe anything on these?"


"Well then, buy some more!"

We were happy to have Tyler move back home for this very reason. We wanted him to find a job, start paying his student loan, and purchase the tools he needed for his new profession (there are many). He would save and research and question and study, then he would buy the tools he knew he needed, one at a time.

This was very difficult to do while he was at school. The tool salesman had a very tidy offer on an entire Snap On kit that was ONLY available before they graduated. Every student put themselves in a HUGE amount of debt by accepting the deal and getting the tools and toolbox.

Everyone, except Tyler.

It was hard not to question his decision when his classmates began to receive their shiny new tools! We encouraged him NOT to go into further debt and to wait for God to provide exactly what he needed. When he got this excellent job, he was told he could use the shop tools for specialty items and all he needed to start was a basic kit and toolbox. We were so thankful that he didn't have all that debt in addition to his student loan!

Now, he has the most quality tools out there that are the best at doing his job, and they're free and clear of any debt. His coworkers try to make fun of him for living at home (because that, of course, is where the tool money comes from - paying for tools instead of rent), but he doesn't pay much mind. The parts guy quenched their razzing with, "Hey! In hind-sight, that's what I wish I would have done! Move back home and save as much money as possible!"

Tyler will forever need a tool budget (he is his grandfather's grandson, after all), but for the most part, he has what he needs to get the jobs done. This also means that his time at home will be coming to an end.

Not yet.


But not yet.

I have soaked up every minute of this last season with my son at home. I have collected it as a treasure. I gladly send him off with lunches (another thing his coworkers razz him about, but he just smiles at their Cup-O-Noodles as he eats yummy leftovers). I gladly wash his laundry. YES, I do! Because when he moves out, it's over.

OVER, over.

And, because he's so appreciative and grateful for everything.

I know SOON is coming, and it will be good and right and wonderful when he's completely on his own.


But not yet.

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agable said...

I love this. My son only just turned one, and I already feel sad that time is going by too quickly. So proud of Ty for being so responsible and not going into more debt. He's got a good head on his shoulders :)


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