Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Psssttt. . . .

I love secrets.

When I was younger, not so very long ago, I couldn't wait to find someone to share a secret with! I couldn't wait to see their eyes light up, hear them gasp in disbelief, or just REACT. I would of course swear THEM to secrecy before I told them everything, but I did, indeed, tell them everything.

Then I found out that Gossip is a cruel mistress.

Years ago, I kicked her to the curb.

Now, I have been trusted with sweet secrets that will be revealed in their good time. Instead of storming my brain for someone to tell, God has done an amazing work in me. Himself was astounded and would say, "You KNEW? Wow! You didn't even tell ME!"

I can't wait for the secret to be revealed by the Secret Holder. I can't wait to see people's eyes light up, hear their gasps of disbelief/delight, and watch them just REACT. I am already in the know, and it is enough to love and pray for the Secret Holder. It's a delight to realize that this is not my tale to tell. It is my joy to be given the small, bit part, or the walk-on role that barely shows up in the credits.

It's such an honor to KNOW; there's no need to TELL.

I love secrets, but I love the Secret Holders more.


agable said...

You're one of my favorite people. That is all :)

Anonymous said...

But it's no fair to tell someone you know a secret but won't tell :), lol.


Mrs said...

Never said I CURRENTLY have a secret! =)

Jessica Leigh said...

I'm with BA! This feels like a taunt! =P


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