Thursday, December 08, 2011

Paper or Plastic?

On Tuesday, I took Glenna to get her hair cut (pictures coming!). On the way home I knew we didn't have any food in the house, so I suggested we do something CRAZY - go to the Walmarts at 4:30 pm in December.

She looked at me like I was crazy. My smile stayed bright (maybe feverish) as I explained how great it would be to step into that world of Christmas chaos and try to grocery shop.

The Walmarts did not disappoint, though it wasn't nearly as crowded as the experience required. The two girls who were ringing up our groceries were apparently cousins. Their amusing conversation was a little hard to understand, but as nearly as I can figure out there's guy who asked if she was her cousin but Girl One actually has two cousins who work with her at the Walmarts and pretty soon, he and she were SKYPING.


The perplexing part was that Girl One was complained that she needed her break, so Girl Two came over to relieve her and Girl One just stood there talking the entire time anyway. Girl Two had been trying to get more bags and finally got some, and Girl One stood and talked and helped with bagging our groceries, interjecting her conversation with "We need more bags" on occasion.

On our receipt, we had purchased a total of 65 items.

I told Glenna to make sure we counted every bag.

For our 65 items, there was a total of 29 bags. That's 2.24 items per bag.



I felt like I should report it to the manager or something! When I go to my usual store and remember to bring my own reusable bags, I can fit all my groceries into four.

Really, though? The whole experience was hilarious. We had the best time just being together.

See what a new haircut can do?

Glenna and I signed to each other most of the time we were in the store - not because we thought anyone wouldn't be able to know what we were saying, but because we want to practice, practice, practice! It would thrill me to no end to have someone come up and start signing with us!


Jessica Leigh said...

This is hilarious!
I can't wait to see Goobie's hair!

Raquel said...

I love her haircut!! She posted a picture on our private Facebook :) (Her Hotmail profile :P)


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