Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

Heard from our Brown-Eyed Girl. She's safely with her sister. We're both counting down the days until The Day. ;-)

Christmas shopping? I think I'll skip it this year.

Once in a while I remember to play Words with Friends - and realize it's been almost a week since my last play. Sorry, friends!

Glenna is ALMOST to her Christmas break. Yes, we WILL be celebrating.

Kelly will be home this week for her break!

We did something radical, but the dogs are cool with it, so don't freak out. Photos to follow.

We still have the dogs.

Jack (the dog) was gassing out Himself this morning, so he kicked Jack out of his office. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Glenna has a fondue party at school today. Is this the 70's? We're bringing grape tomatoes. Hopefully, no one will eat them because they don't really go with cheese or chocolate dips.

It's so weird to say "Glenna has a fondue party at school" because we home school. I guess the one-day-per-week classes can be called a school. At least, they try to make it that way; they have fundraisers, yearbooks, meetings, class parties, and possibly a prom - all things I've been fortunate enough to avoid until now. (Except for teachers. Her teachers are GREAT, and we love Mrs. R and Mrs. S.!)

Speaking of Mrs. R - she's probably one of the few people I don't mind asking about pronunciation or word clarification. We're both life-long learners and I'm so glad she gets that about me. I certainly get that about her! I can now pronounce "quinoa."

That's all for now.


Jessica Leigh said...

It's "keen-wah" right? :)

Cute hair, Glen!

Why do you guys always do radical things when I leave the country??

Mrs said...

Yep! Keen-wah!

Maybe you keep us tame . . .though now that I think of it, you're a pretty radial girl. ;-)


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