Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Not Just a Third World Problem

My friend, Christy, approached me at church one Sunday and asked if Glenna could volunteer at an upcoming event. I immediately said yes because A. it was Christy asking and B. Glenna needs volunteer hours. I was then introduced to something I thought only happened in the poorest of nations: Human Trafficking.

Please follow this link to read more about it. I was even more stunned to learn that our state is third in the nation in this crime.


I believe Georgia is first. When the Superbowl was held in Atlanta, human traffickers discovered how accessible the airport was. Christy was asking us to volunteer at the 4th annual event to raise awareness, held at the park downtown.

Not only did Glenna and I volunteer, but these two also came along:

One of my former English students and Christy's youngest brother, Daniel.

Our friend, April. She's taking ASL classes with Glenna and me.

It's so great to run into people we actually know at an event. Sometimes, I still feel like a newcomer in FL, even though we've been here 14 years (this March).

Glenna was able to collect some much-needed volunteer hours towards Bright Futures.

She found the perfect temporary tattoo to wear to the event. Don't ask me what makes it perfect, it. Just. Is.

Paul and Kelly passing out flyers.

There was a band, singers, and various acts between speeches.

On stage are two gals doing a dance-type thing.
It was like being at a gospel church . . . they were so full of energy and preaching it!

Though the topic is terrible, the event was successful and I hope raised the awareness it intended. Of course, there were moments of levity because God seems to have given me an extra portion of humor lenses to view my world. For instance, I was stalking this woman in the red blouse:

I kept trying to get a photo of her hair. I think that's how I want to wear my hair for The Wedding.

I know, I know . . . focus on the event!

I took this horrible photo to check my hair. Yes, I am that vain!
It's finally long enough to put in a little side braid. ;) I was dressed to get to work - sunscreen, hat, water bottle, and an apron to hold snacks, tissue, pens, mints, pain reliever, flyers, and hand sanitizer. Christy came up to me and said, "I love you so much for wearing that apron. You're the real deal!" =D

Nah. .. I'm just a mom who knows what it takes to last all day.

This is Christy. I'm wondering how she got away with not wearing the red shirt? Hmmm. . . . . Himself is after her turquoise ring. I am not discouraging this.

The man speaking here is an FBI Agent. Most of the crowd was sitting to the left in this photo and not shown.
He has seen firsthand and spoken personally to those affected by this horrible crime. This is real, and it's right here under our noses. Knowledge is power.

The man sitting in the front row is a homeless person. When we took a collection, he gave me his last dollar and emptied his coin purse into the bucket.

God bless him.

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Leader of the Urchins said...

wow! I missed so much...It is really good to hear your vignettes. Lots of good conversating went down that day. Stoked that you and the fam represented ;)


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