Friday, February 17, 2012

Movie Tuesday without a Movie

Tuesdays, when Glenna's classes are finished, we've developed a tradition of Movie Tuesday. The stress of homework and classes is over and we have no place to be in the evenings. The local dollar theater lowers its prices further to 75 cents, so Glenna and I go to the movies. A couple of Tuesdays ago, however, there was nothing playing that was worth even the 75 cents, so we decided to go to a local, historical downtown area and browse antique shops.

I found that I was thinking of Dad the entire day. I saw these little metal cutouts and they brought such a smile to my face:
This guy's a Header. Dad was a Heeler. I didn't think it mattered too much.

I know he's a header because the steer can only turn toward the horseman. It's so fantastic to see a good Header and Heeler team quickly rope the steer and stretch it out between them - horns lowered and both back feet perfectly caught.

(sorry for the sideways photo)
Though I'm not one to buy frivolous things like this, I kept walking around the store with them in my hands, still smiling. I put them down at one point and was going to walk away, when suddenly I realized what day it was:

January 31st.

Dad's birthday.

I scooped them up and headed to the register. Now they're in Ty's old room, and Mom can enjoy them when she visits in July.

Missing him, but not with pain, knowing the peace he's enjoying. It's such a great feeling. I know Mom feels it, too.

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