Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Old Town

My brother and I hoped to speak to Dad and find out how he was feeling/thinking about things. He seemed to be in a lot of denial about the seriousness of his condition, so we were hoping with just the two of us there we could talk more openly. It turned out he was mostly out of it the entire visit, so we didn't get to have that conversation.

Tyler would have to leave the next morning, so we sent the kids to Old Town, Albuquerque. Love the photos from Glenna!

I don't really buy turquoise anywhere but New Mexico or Arizona. It's just too expensive anywhere else.

This is a book my Mom sent me, featuring the ranch where she and my step-dad, Jeff, lived for a long time. Glenna was thrilled to find it in Old Town!

Glenna's name is NEVER on the cute little license plates, so she decided this one would represent her instead. 

Cowgirl Dental Floss. I wonder if I should tell Dr. D about this?

The John Wayne section

Lunch at La Placita! It has a tree growing in the courtyard.

A band!


So thankful for the time they were able to spend together. So sorry that our Brown-Eyed Girl had to miss it!

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Jessica Leigh said...

I love all these people! Wish I could have been there, too!


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