Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Visit

We landed in New Mexico July 4th. My brother, Mark, was waiting for us at Aunt Sandy's house and said he told Dad we'd see him the next day. We were thankful for the adjustment time.

Our first day visiting was a Good Day. Dad was so happy to see us and his grandchildren. He was talkative and alert and laughing at our jokes. Glenna discreetly took photos. These were taken in the family room so we'd have more room and not disturb his roommate.

Glenna and I love this photo. I told a joke and was laughing, and Dad was pretending to be mad about it.

Glenna just points her camera out the window and gets some great shots. It's easy to tell where the Rio Grande River is - just follow the green!

That first visit was so peaceful. A pastor from the church Dad had visited stopped by to anoint him with oil, read scripture, and pray with him. I shared the gospel with Dad, and he prayed to trust Christ as Savior. Whatever happens now, I have peace.

All of us have to leave this earth eventually. This is my Dad in his end of life, and this is how he will have to go. It's sad, it hurts, but it's completely natural and even comforting (rather than the shock and suddenness of trauma). This was a good day, but after this he had so much pain that he was drugged up and out of it the majority of the time. Now that he's in assisted living and with Hospice care, he is free from pain and can talk and eat and laugh without being knocked out. We are so thankful.

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