Friday, May 09, 2014

Inevitable Blessing

"At the still point of the turning world. . . there the dance is." -Elliot

When we moved to Florida, a dear friend told me, "Change is good. Change is your Friend. Change is what allows God to be God." She was absolutely right.

I should be perfectly miserable instead of perfectly peaceful. This is not to say that I don't have moments of sadness, because I do, but I am not overwhelmed by either change or the emotions that come with change. This can only be attributed to the knowledge of the character of God who loves me, and the full understanding that He is good.

He can only be good.

He can only want for me what is good.

His only plans for me and those I love are good.

I have witnessed those who are miserable with change. They hate it and fear it and pine away for what used to be. My heart truly goes out to them.

None of this is easy, but none of this has to come without peace. The blessing of peace is there, if you will only acknowledge its presence. It's inevitable that you will be blessed. Actually, it's not you WILL be blessed, it's you ARE blessed. Embracing the blessing is a choice.

It was a big weekend for us last weekend! First, we drove in the POURING rain to the west coast for two special events.

Shortly after this photo, a car going too fast hydroplaned right in front of us. We prayed that car to a stop! Thankfully, no one was hurt. Then, Our Brown-Eyed Girl felt her car trying to do the same and wisely pulled over until we could get to her, and THEN, Ty and Paul had a flat tire when trying to meet up with us! Thankful for God's protection over all my loved ones!

After checking in at our hotel and collecting everyone, we headed to the Columbia restaurant for some delicious food and to celebrate THIS guy:

Happy 50th Birthday!

The next day took us to a nearby church for the commencement ceremony of my girl:
Where is she?!? Glenna finally spotted her, blowing her nose. Unfortunate timing on a cold.

We had some cute wee ones with us!

None of us took a photo as her name was called. Each of us wanted to simply share the moment with her! So thankful to her college for posting this on their web site! She has her diploma and is being "hooded".

From left to right: BFF Kate, Paul's sister, Anna, and her Chloe; Glenna, the Graduate, baby Sophia and her Uncle Paul. Sophia could NOT figure out Kelly's tassel.

Proud brother!

Sister hugs!

Ok. Here is my struggle. Everyone's a joker and I can't seem to get a photo without a bomber. I love how the girls keep their pose and just DEAL WITH IT. I wish you could see the following as a GIF file but I don't know how to do those:

Kelly's Jr and High School English teacher, Mrs. R, and Paul's mom, Gina.  Would love to see the photos THEY took!

Again with the bomber. I'll just crop him out.

This is Matthew, a dear friend. I actually have called him Barnabas since he was in Jr. High because he is the greatest encourager!

After the ceremony, we went to lunch at this great little place called the Rumba Island Grill, recommended by Paul's Uncle, Neil. Paul's Grandfather and Uncle live in the same town where Kelly's college is.
Paul's niece, Chloe, was all kinds of upset that Paul had arrived and wanted to sit by Kelly. They happily plunked her down between them and she was more than content.

We came home to find that Kelly's college ring had arrived! Here it is pictured with the high school ring she wore during her graduation, belonging to my grandmother, Mabel Irene. I gave Kelly her middle name, which is also my mother's middle name.

. . . and in 5. . . 4. . .3. . 2. . . . 

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