Friday, June 13, 2014

Smile for a While!

In Texas, I was able to catch up with my cousin, Cal, whom I have not seen in many years. I was also able to get to know his son, Alec, whom I have not seen since he was two years old! He apologized for not knowing me, which was sweet. He's actually as hilarious as his father is and sounds EXACTLY LIKE HIM. 

I could not stop laughing!

I love to just keep taking photos on my phone, because it takes a few to get one good one (what did we ever do with film cameras? Oh yeah. . . lived with missed shots and cut off heads in our photos).  I finally talked Alec into taking a selfie with me, which was continually photo-bombed by my cousin. 

Here he is telling me not to put it on Facebook and no, he was not going to smile.

Not going to do it. No smiling.

He's breaking!


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Jessica Leigh said...

So cute! They make me laugh, too!


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