Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quiz Up and Stuff

 I'm addicted to the app, Quiz Up.  I have played this game with strangers from around the world (from all inhabited continents, in fact!) and against my own family members. This is especially fun when we're sitting on the couch together and laughing at questions like this one from the Bible category:

 Ok, and this was a fun time. Our Brown-Eyed Girl came with us to find a graduation dress for Glenna. First, she HAD to pick out a fun outfit:
Did you go back for these pants, Jess? I still think they're kinda cute!

Then, I found these great leggings and plopped them over the top of Glenna's dressing room. Her response was "uh, NO." Jessie's response?

"Oooh! Ok!"

Tomorrow's going to be a very, very busy day. I'll probably start off by sleeping in; this way, I can carefully coordinate my errands with THE LAST MINUTE, which we all know is the only time things get done.

Lastly, Himself brought these to my office on separate occasions. 
They hide behind my monitor and protect me from evil villains. Also, they entertain young patients who are waiting for a sibling. I always make sure to get them back! I had one little girl exclaim, "You like BOY toys?"



jessie said...


I have not done any shopping, except for items directly related to moving.

Speaking of last-minute...need to finish packing. :)

(Kim's mom, Karen) said...

Very few girls can make those leggings look good and Jesse is one of them!
I have missed your blog. Glad to see some new posts even if they did make me cry!!!


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