Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Will Remember

Dear Mementos, Old Costume Jewelry, Trinkets and Tidbits,

You're probably wondering why I asked you here today.

Each of you came into my life through a special event. It may not have been a particularly earth-shattering event, but it was one that brought a smile to my face, laughter to my heart, or tears to my eyes. I have kept you around these many years to remind me of our special day together.

Here's the deal - I can't keep up with you anymore.

The dusting, storing, arranging, and upkeep of you has become a burden I can no longer carry, so I'm releasing you to bring joy to others.This doesn't mean I will forget our special day, it just means I no longer need you to remind me of it.

Thanks for the memories!

Whew! I spent an entire day doing laundry and cleaning my room yesterday. I still haven't finished, because I have dusting to do. I can't describe how good it felt to be able to walk across my bedroom floor again! Ty brought Jessie over and we were all in my room, BECAUSE WE COULD BE, laughing and chatting. I still have some taming-of-the-desk to do but I'm getting much closer to simplifying everything. It feels like I've actually conquered something!

Yesterday, I also wrote a chore list on our white board and invited any and all to pick up a chore. Glenna vacuumed the stairs and washed BOTH dogs (yes!). Himself cleaned off his own desk. We laughed and said we needed to add his desk and our room to the chore list, just so we could cross them off! If only Missy would stay out of my room - I could leave the door open all the time. She gets mad at me and leaves little "prizes" for me to find, so that can't happen. Ugh! Why do I let these dogs run my life?

I also went on the Hub to see if I was able to pick up any Space shifts during the week the dentist office is closed. Boy, did I! I'll be working four days, each shift BEGINNING at 7:30 or 8:15 PM. I can't wait to be back at the mountain, but I'm not looking forward to the late hours again. These days I'm a pumpkin-head by 9:30 at night. It's worth it, however, to keep my seasonal status at the park.

Off to prepare for the church brunch!


agable said...

Proud of you for being so productive! I am trying to get rid of some things also. I dislike clutter!

Raquel said...

I often write things on my to-do list that I've already done, just so I can check them off (:


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